Soul Soiree 

* Soul {sohl} –  that inner part of us; the heart, essence and core of who we are as living breathing humanity.

* Soiree {swah – ray} – a social gathering and drawing together of friends.

This blog is a place to pause, breathe deeply …  and smile at the future.

 My heart was ‘forever changed’ when I heard the story of the child soldiers of Uganda – the invisible children. In 2010 I visited Uganda and embraced the abandoned, abducted and rejected women and children of a rebel war. I was inspired to create artwork (see artwork herethat tells a story for the lost, the captive, the broken hearted, the suffering, the hurting and alone.

This blog is the passionate response of an awakened soul.

For more on my ‘Heart n Soul Pursuits’ click here .

– Hope . Heart . Humanity –


One thought on “About

  1. wow wow wow
    my heart is sending your heart a lot of xoxoxoxoxo.
    i can feel the kind gentle sweet spirit in your writings and love every word.
    thanks for sharing.

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