Hope Rwanda

So the ticket was emailed recently, the visa letter printed and the malaria tablets organised. Yay, another trip is underway, and we are heading back to Africa.

I recently met up with the rest of the team from Hope Global. Our weekend in Sydney consisted of planning and strategising for our upcoming trip to Rwanda. Hope Global is a charity that was founded by Mark and Darlene Zschech, initially beginning work in Rwanda to assist in the rehabilitation process of the nation ten years after the devastation of the mass slaughter of Rwanda’s people. Hope Global have since expanded into Cambodia, Kenya and Uganda. We will be travelling with a team of 24 other Australians, Canadians, and South Africans to Rwanda, visiting HOPE: Global projects including a community of homes built for widows and orphans, and their education projects changing lives one day at a time.

April 2014 is the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, where nearly 1 million men, women and children were killed over a period of 100 days in the Hutu-Tutsi genocide. This genocide saw the use of child soldiers in catastrophic proportions. The atrocities are unimaginable.

* On Saturday April 26th we will be taking part in a significant commemoration event, the Rwanda Walk of Hope. We will join with Rwandans to walk for hope and not only remember, but also to celebrate their journey of resilience, hope and life 20 years on. The walk itself has three different starting points across the capital of Rwanda, Kigali. Each point representing a significant part of the genocide story. Hope makes all the difference!

Hope Global Project
BBC link – Rwandan genocide.

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