Proverb snaps

Linking up with Heart n Soul for ‘Proverb snaps’ … a collection of proverbs from around the world. Join in the fun and come blog hop with me.

Sometimes we just need to pause, breathe and exhale. Take some soul space this week, an opportunity to realign your heart, renew your perspective and revisit the core of who you are. Escape somewhere quiet and just sit for awhile, take a soulscape and soak up the beauty of life. Just appreciating all the good things that have come our way helps maintain that attitude of gratitude. A merry heart is as good as a dose of medicine. So down your daily dose and be glad.

capture, celebrate, cherish

2 thoughts on “Proverb snaps

  1. Rest is the treat that makes feel us better in our lives and allow us to make choices, changes or moves who would not have been able to make otherwise. I’m on for a time on my own, in nature, enjoying the present time and the beauty of life.
    Always love your photos!

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