Open your heart and soul

If you don’t know where your going, then how will you get there?

In order to pursue our destiny we need to be able to imagine and visualise what our future could possibly look like. If we have nothing to aim for then nothing is exactly what we will get!

But first we need to be able to dream … to open our minds and imagine.  This connects our heart and soul together. We can delicately intertwine the passion bubbling up out of our heart with the dreams buried deep in the depths of our mind and soul.

A dream is an anticipated expectation, a vision or mental image with incredible power and ability to create something possible out of the seemingly impossible.

Once we activate our mind we begin to paint a picture of vivid colour and texture. It is up to us to select from the palette of life the exact tone, style and composition we wish the world to see. We draw, design and create the landscape for our very own lives. 

Spanish Countryside 2008

What does the picture of your life look like?

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6 thoughts on “Open your heart and soul

  1. Very well said – Inspiration is there we only have to let our mind wander and dream. Thank you. And your picture is as always beautiful!
    Stay well

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