Not so ordinary

It is the ordinary and simple moments of life that can be most extraordinary. When we least expect it the simple things can turn out to be the most rewarding and significant. I am often taken aback by how the small things of life can leave us changed forever. A kind word, a thoughtful action or an intentional act of kindness. Small things can make all the difference. These things really do make the world a nicer place to be. 

For instance take stepping out of the shadows and into the light. A step side ways can change perspective and the way you view things. How about the saying ‘It is better to give than to receive” … surely it is better to receive something? … to receive an act of kindness is humbling and gratifying, yet the unshakeable and unmistakable joy of surrendering and offering something of value to you personally is completely overwhelming and …. well, so very fulfilling. To know that you have touched the life of another is indeed empowering and not so ordinary. It is releasing, freeing and life changing to let go of the things that seem important. It is then that you realise how blessed you really are. That it is not things that are important after all. 

I want to get better at doing this. In hindsight I realise I have missed many such opportunities. Rushing about my day I some times fail to pause long enough to really see. My mind is already ahead of me! This week I am attempting to intentionally pause and take the simple moments that come my way … and make them not so ordinary.

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