Love this girl

Love this girl… she has been encouraging me this week to move my butt!! … we ran together for the first time ever! She was way out front as we ran along the beach coast line, up the dirt path and around a hill, ‘Come on can do it’ she called out to me as she led the way. Her encouragement spurred me on. Usually I tell her to go on ahead, ‘I’ll just walk’ I say. I’d take it easy and meander along just enjoying the fresh air, the sun on my face and the wind whipping my hair.

But this week I have found a new determination. I wanted to push myself … step it up a little and so I ran (well kind of did a shuffle jog) but she was impressed to see her ole Mother lift the pace a bit. It was quite refreshing to have such sweet encouragement. I felt almost giddy in fact because parenting is so full on and you can never (NEVER) let your guard down!! … and well it’s nice to get a little graciousness from one of your offspring because in the scheme of things the moments are so very, very rare. However it did give me a peek into the future and I have to say it looks promising. For all the ups and downs of parenting, the future does look bright with this kiddo by my side. She pushes me to be a better person, mother, communicator, realist, disciplinarian, shopper, renovator and friend. She inspires me with her winsome smile, chatty and incessant discussions, her zest for a good laugh, her witty outlook and her unending pursuit of fun. Wish I could bottle it all up – would be so nice to sprinkle this little concoction around.

– a few favourite moments this week – 

* running along the beach coast line

* the thrill of running downhill

* encouragement

* new found determination

* a winsome smile

* chatty conversation

* a witty outlook on life

* the pursuit of fun

* * *

‘Capturing, celebrating and cherishing a moment’

capture, celebrate, cherish

friday favorite things | finding joy

4 thoughts on “Love this girl

  1. She is beautiful…and sounds like a lovely girl. Running is not easy..I had been trying it myself…no easy feat! I joined the gym a while back and I would go in on the treadmill and walk in the winter and this guy (whom I dont know) would come in and walk for 5 mins and then full out RUN for like 30 mins. My insides keeps saying over and over each day ” I want to run like that!” So I tried it. I eventually got to running 5 mins straight!! It felt great.

  2. Hi there.. I came across your blog on Finding Joy and how beautiful it is!! I love that you have found that you want to push yourself… I have learned that in life there is no better motivation than wanting to be better… I am definitely a new fan!!

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