Watoto Choir

Watoto Choir 49 is on its way ….

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Can’t wait to see the kiddos perform! I was blown away by these amazing kids last year and had the privilege of hosting a few of these lovelies during their stay here in Australia.

isn't she beautiful!

‘Watoto Children’s Choir’ – you are on my heart today.

The choir has travelled internationally since 1994 as advocates for the estimated 50 million children in Africa, orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS crisis, devastation of war and rebel armies, extreme poverty and numerous diseases.

The choir presents Watoto’s vision and mission through their stories, music and dance acting as ambassadors for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Africa. It is truly inspirational. For most of the children it is their first time travelling overseas and is such a great experience for them to see the rest of the world. If you ever get to see the choir I highly recommend it. You will be moved by the stories they tell….kids with hope in their hearts and big dreams to boot.

Each of the children in the choir has suffered the loss of their parents and live in one of the Watoto children’s villages. The choirs have toured Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Australasia, Canada, UK, Germany, France, USA, South America, Hong Kong, China and Japan.’


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