On Safari

Sneak peek at my photo book – thinking, shuffling, sorting, arranging and re-arranging currently going on.


My safari in Africa was just magical …

I am so inspired by the raw vulnerability

of Uganda and its people.

A land full of delightful beauty and harsh realities,

… of breathtaking contrasts and heartbreaking stories.

It’s people have faced inconceivable struggles and hardship,

yet they still smile …. the children waving gleefully.

I learnt here that happiness is a state of mind

and it doesn’t take much to be kind!

In celebration of my amazing time I am living inspired by the beauty of life and ‘capturing, celebrating and cherishing’ the moment. So I am currently putting together a photo book of my adventures. Trying to decide which photos make the cut is so very hard because each image reminds me of a special memory and a delightful moment in time …. this could get expensive!! … and these are just a few of a thousand odd pics!! … hhhmmm, how does one disentangle the heart to make sensible decisions?


capture, celebrate, cherish

6 thoughts on “On Safari

  1. What beautiful memories you must have in your heart. I know it took a long time to process what we had seen in Ecuador while adopting our child. I found that even I had areas in my life that I just took so much for granted. I wish I had the camera and talent you had on your trip. Beautiful.

  2. Oh wow… these photos are amazing! I would have such a hard time picking ones out too. Such wonderful and beautiful memories you captured! You were so close to the animals. That is fantastic! I would love to see the ones that make it into your book! 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos and so inspiring…I love the idea of capturing, celebrating and cherishing moments and life…

    Blessings on your holiday weekend!

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