Home… is where the heart is!

This is the time of the week when we steal those five minutes while the kids are fingerpainting the dining room table, the neighbor’s dog has stopped barking, or the microwave is popping some corn to splash down some thoughts on paper.

In five minutes lets get creative…and allow the thoughts to just fly!

To paint a verbal picture. To just write and not worry if it’s just right or not.

So here I go…..

Home is where the heart is…. a land of red dust plains and Summer rains….. I’ll always call Australia home … no matter where I go or where I travel to – there’s nothing like flying over this blessed country, its amazing coastline, it’s wide open spaces or its vast, expansive and wild terrain. Home … no matter what it looks like – is a place to relax, refresh and renew. Somewhere that allows you to escape the pressures of life, reconnect with your loved ones and where you can take time out to pause, breathe and exhale. Home is sacred, safe and significant…… I just love coming home to our very own little place on earth.

and there you go…5 minutes done and dusted!

capture, celebrate, cherish

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