Jewellery sneak peek

This week I have been working on a new range of jewellery for a fabulous and brand new online store launching soon. We have been asked to come on board as one of their designers and are so very excited about this wonderful opportunity. Our jewellery making was started as a compassionate response by my fourteen year old daughter to help raise the necessary funds to send me to Baby Watoto (in Uganda) in December 2010. With that goal done and dusted we wondered ‘What next?’…. when this opportunity presented itself we just had to get on board. We are now looking at turning a little hobby into a small business venture with the heart and intention of supporting global endeavours. Had I never gone to Baby Watoto I wonder if we would now be walking down this track? May I encourage you to embrace your dreams and walk the wild and unknown way …. you just might meet up with destiny!

Whatever the dream, 

no matter how daring or grand, 

somebody will eventually achieve it. 

It might as well be you. 

Author – Bryce Courtenay.

7 thoughts on “Jewellery sneak peek

  1. Congratulations! And I must say the design shown is wonderful…how does she so that?!? All those little letter placed together! (You can never have enough love!)


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