Flower of the field

 I’m linking up with Studio JRU for ‘sneak peek Friday’ and the Gypsy Mama for Five minute Friday – a five minute writing task. I usually link up with the Gypsy Mama with my other blog but thanks to some blogger maintenance it has been unavailable all day. So here goes….

… Deep breath and unleash a few thoughts.

Breathe deep …

My child

As deep as the flower in the field

Longing to inhale the sunrise


Pause long…

My lovely

Feel the warmth of the sun

Reach out for its embrace


Exhale slowly…

My sweet one

You who seem overshadowed

Sway not with loss and despair


Move Forward

With your heart and your soul

Walk in His beauty and grace

For the Son shines on your face.


– Kay Weight 

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11 thoughts on “Flower of the field

  1. Beautiful…I was thinking the other day about the flowers of the field…how He clothes them with beauty…this reminds me of that thought again.

  2. THIS is breath-taking! Ohh! I LOVE the artwork! It would be lovely in my kitchen! LOVE the poem!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & your encouraging words!

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