Village Scene

Ugandan dawn.

A day at Gulu ….check it out and click the link. 

© Copyright – Kay @ Soul Soiree

Watoto children’s villages

Watoto has paired with ‘World Tree’s Technology’ to create an ecosystem in war – torn Uganda that is rich with trees for the sustainable funding of Watoto villages throughout Uganda.

World Tree Technologies is home of the Empress Splendor™ Tree, the legendary and sacred tree of the Orient. With exciting characteristics like growing as much as 20 feet per year and having the ability to re-grow itself up to 7 times after being cut down, the Empress is an obvious choice for global reforestation, bioremediation, aesthetic improvements and much more. This tree is 100% non-invasive and completely non-poisonous! The lumber is a high value hardwood, very strong, yet it is extremely light weight, and has a silky quality that makes it easy to work with. The Empress Splendor™ is also fire and insect resistant, and can produce a tremendous amount of oxygen while sequestering 6 times more carbon dioxide than other trees. Source


19 thoughts on “Village Scene

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I was in Uganda in 2009 and met many people affected by the war. Always amazing to see how God uses people in their talents to raise awareness around the world.

  2. That tree reminds me of chestnut tree we had in our backyard, with all its broad leaves. Beautiful. What a wonderful idea for the villages. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am intrigued by both of those village pictures…the color change is powerful. Thanks so much for sharing about this work and the trees…so interesting and I am smarter for having been here!

    Blessings on your Holy Weekend!

  4. I am in tears right now. It is amazing how you can make such a lovely and inspiring art. I am celebrating my first Blog Anniversary and now I feet I received a gift form you. I love how we can connect with beautiful people like you in this amazing creative journey. I am so happy to found you through Studio JRU. Your work mesmerized me, Congratulations for such a lovely and inspiring post. I am so grateful I can see those beaitiful people and places through your pictures! Thank you for sharing!
    So glad to meet you!


  5. Wow…Happy Earth Day! This is such a great way to celebrate and so happy to learn about such an awesome tree…talk about the trees of life 😉 I wonder if they grow in North Carolina…lol Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Fonldy, Roberta

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