‘Living Hope’ project

a new day

Launched early last year the ‘Living Hope’ project is located in established premises in Northern Gulu. It will change the lives of many young girls who would otherwise drop out of school and marry very young. It was amazing to witness these women hard at work especially knowing that only a few short years ago these premises were used by the night commuters to avoid abduction by the LRA. Back then the village children would begin the long commute from their village into the safety of the township at night thus avoiding capture in the night raids undertaken by the rebel army. Here they would find safety and refuge until the next morning.

As the sun rose on a new day the children would then begin the long trek back home to their village.  A long, hot and dusty walk … often taking the children many long hours on foot. Together they trudged the African wilderness. So many children were forced to become child soldiers, it truly defies belief. The merchandise now made and sold locally by Gulu woman and girls, assists Watoto to continue their efforts towards self sustainability. Merchandise can be purchased on site and is also available wherever the ‘Watoto Children’s Choir’ perform at their annual global performances.

Thankfully the LRA is no longer active in Uganda but it continues to reign havoc throughout Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. NGO’s  like ‘Angels of East Africa’ are actively pursuing change in these countries.  For more on this amazing story check out Sam Childers (Machine Gun Preacher)

© Copyright – Kay @ Soul Soiree

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