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The target group of the ‘Living Hope’ program is HIV+ single women who are returnees from abduction into the Lord’s Resistance Army of which many are young teenage mothers. Living Hope is restoring dignity to these vulnerable women through spiritual guidance and discipleship and by also improving their quality of life.

At the centre women are employed to sew (bags and dolls), create jewellery, make peanut butter and manufacture sanitary pads (check out my photographs). I love that the babies of these women are alongside them as they work, securely snuggled and wrapped on their backs. The sanitary pads were a recent innovation designed purely to ensure that young local girls remain in school. Made onsite from papyrus and recycled paper the sanitary pads will assist in ensuring that young girls have the opportunity to remain in school and get an education. We were able to view the process from start to finish and I have to admit that I was just a little dubious of the rough little rectangles drying in the heat of the African sun when I first saw them displayed on the drying racks in their very raw state but was suitably impressed after seeing the finished product. Very clever really and will be easily affordable.

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