The story ….. behind the art

In December 2010 I visited Uganda and was touched by the stories of hope arising out of a country that had faced so much heartache and pain. My heart is to help tell this story and highlight a cause that is changing the face of a nation – Watoto is rescuing, raising and rebuilding a nation.

Women and young girls are the most marginalised and wounded people in Uganda and so many have been left abandoned or widowed due to rebel armies and the HIV+ virus. The LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) has left  an oppressive and dark cloud over Northern Uganda. So many destitute women and countless orphans have been caught up in unimaginable horrors. It is hard to comprehend and difficult to understand that hundreds and thousands of women and children can be abducted by a rebel army and only a few short years ago.

Uganda is a country so desperately needing hope, education, justice and dignity. The ‘Living Hope’ project (an arm of Watoto) is doing just that by transforming the lives of so many vulnerable women. Watoto is rescuing, raising and rebuilding a nation by making a difference in this region. The dark cloud is moving and bright rays of sunshine are filtering through and warming the earth once again. Life is blooming in this beautiful part of the world.  It has already restored dignity and hope to so many women – an estimated 1200 women in Kampala and 900 women in Gulu … the story continues. (Check out my next post.)

 © Copyright – Kay @ Soul Soiree

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